Thursday, July 22, 2010

Born yesterday

She called me early this afternoon. It's been about two years since the last time that she called me. It's easy to remember her calls.


Because she uses the TTY relay. For those of you who are unaware of the TTY system, it allows deaf people to use the phone. They type what they want to say, an operator speaks it to you, you respond, and the operator types it back to the deaf person. This was texting before texting was texting.

Today she wanted me to order a case of Accu-chek Active test strips and Prestige test strips. She wanted me to charge her credit card and ship them to her on Monday.

What I don't understand, Mrs. Rev. Angel Umbato, is why do you want me to ship them? In your email from last month, you were going to be coming to the United States and sharing the sum 36 million US dollars with me. Remember?... I sent you all of my banking information and you were going to deposit the funds.

Somehow, Mrs. Rev. Angel Umbato, I feel that you aren't being entirely truthful with me.


RxKerBer said...

This happened to me about 6 months ago. We've had many attempts at this scam, but this was a new twist.

pharmacy chick said...

OH Geez, what pharmacist hasn't heard this scam? I dont even do the TTY relay unless I know who it is and once the person mentions test strips, I hang up immediately.

Anonymous said...

I was born yesterday in terms of Pharmacy world--I don't understand this scam?