Thursday, January 13, 2011


She came in a couple days ago. Mrs. Crow. We knew that she was going to be in, just not when. She had called ahead to make sure that her husband's insulin needles were the correct ones (BD 328411).

So we had braced ourselves.

Well I saw her first, walking across the front of the pharmacy to go to the pick-up window. So I grabbed the phone and started dialing. The local time and temperature line can be a life-saver some days.

And one of my techs saw her as well. She was getting ready to punch-in on the time clock, but decided to wait a few extra minutes to clock-in.

Which meant that my other tech would get to wait on her.

Fortunately we were not real busy at the moment, so Jeff was able to take care of her. Besides her normal routine of opening every bottle, requesting that the medications be bagged separately, etc... she now wants certain medications to be put in certain sized vials. Jeff complied with her requests and was able to get rid of her in about 20 minutes. During that time, I was able to handle about 7 phone calls and 5 fake phone calls.

Overall her visit was uneventful, but it made me appreciate Jeff even more.

Sure, he will get some overtime for efforts, but that's the best money I've spent on payroll in a long time.

Total price of prescriptions... $45.00
OT for Jeff to wait on her... $15.00
Seeing her first and weaseling out... PRICELESS

And even better, our cash register was acting up so we had to send her to a register in the front of the store to check out....... another PRICELESS.


Anonymous said...

we just play "not it" around here...last one to say "not it" has to wait on them.

ps. is your pharmacy in the 330 area code?

pharmacy chick said...

hahahahaha...At least I am not the only one who does the fake phone call it!Mrs Crow reminds me of one of my own customers...certain sized bottles. checks each one...staple the receipt to the bag...OH but NOT the CASH REGISTER reciept..that goes WITH me...and may I get a plastic bag with handles.. are you sure you got that right? it seems more expensive this month...(wheres the scotch??)

Eric, RPh said...


I'll say that I worked in the 330 after I graduated. Shoot me an email and I can let you know my current location (after you identify yourself, of course)


lovinmyjob said...

LOL!!!I play the fake phone call also. I get on one phone and one of my techs gets on the other and we talk to each other. We let the "newbies" handle those kind of people. Its the best kind of training.

pharmboyrx said...

I remember being in the office talking to my SM and seeing a particularly difficult customer on the security camera. I stayed in there and chatted while she finished up. After she left and the coast was clear I went back over only to be surprised by her going back to ask "one more question."

The best part was my store manager calling me after she left to laugh about how I ended up having to help her anyway.

I too am not adverse to suddenly noticing I have "voicemail."