Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm suffering thru a mild case of writer's block. I know what I want to post, but can't quite express it in a manner that I am happy with.

So I've put up a little poll on the side. Please take a moment to vote. I just want to see what other pharmacists are thinking about pharmacist reimbursement for professional services.

Also, I encourage you to leave comments on the posts that appear on this blog. I see the number of visitors that this blog receives and less than one percent of people who visit the blog leave a comment.

Comments help me in the creative writing process. I write this blog to try to get pharmacists to think outside of the box. Our profession has been in the same rut for 30 years and we need to get some fresh ideas on the profession. Your comment may be the one that helps somebody develop an idea that will change our profession for the better.

Also, I see who visits the blog. Corporates and organizations. They are watching the social media for our thoughts and ideas. Share them.

But if you don't share your thoughts.....we'll be in the same place twenty years from now.

I guess there's one more thing... if you like one of my posts, share it. There are buttons at the end of each post, as well as on the sidebar of the blog, that enable you to share the post(s). Send the links to other pharmacists that you know. We need to get more pharmacists involved in dialogue as our profession moves forward.

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