Friday, April 23, 2010

Solution to the impatient pharmacy patient

A little Twitter exchange with @raindropRPH has potentially solved the problem of the impatient pharmacy patient.

I had tweeted that I was waiting at my physician's office for my annual visit. She replied:

Love the irony of people waiting @ Dr's office, yet so impatient at pharmacy.

That's when it struck me.

We need to have individual waiting rooms for our pharmacy patients. A place for them to sit and wait for their prescriptions.

After the patients drop off their prescriptions, we could direct them to a general waiting area. Then, as their prescriptions near completion, they would be moved to individual waiting rooms. Just like how they waited at the physician's office they just came from.

We could send a tech around every ten or fifteen minutes to tell them that their prescriptions will be done soon. When the prescriptions are finished, the pharmacist would deliver them, offer counseling, and send them on their way to the cashier.

If nothing else, it would keep them from walking up every 15 seconds asking if their prescriptions were done yet.

Waddaya think?


Pharmd Biker said...


The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

I say we follow the cable company service call model. But instead of "we will be there between 12PM and 4PM" it would be "your prescription will be done sometime between 12PM and 4PM" and the patient would just wait until the end of that time range (hopefully)!

PharmDeeDaDeeStuDent said...

At the VA we just have a big waiting area with magazines where all the old men wait and exchange war stories. There is coffee and cafeteria right there as well, so it keeps them occupied.

Indian Health Service has them wait in a large waiting room and they are called when the prescriptions are ready into an individual waiting room for counseling etc...pretty sweet.