Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pharmacist's Day Off

The local media had been promoting the most recent "snow storm" for about three days. Some comparing its track to the blizzard of 77 or 78 (I can't remember exactly when it was, but I do remember it).

The pharmacy was busy leading up to the start of the snow. Then it was quiet. Snow was blowing. Not much visibility. And I got to work the closing shift. Since I live 27 miles from my pharmacy, I was looking at a potentially dangerous drive home. The road has several tight turns on hills. It's a fun drive in the summer. Not so much in the winter.

Well the drive was less than eventful. It took exactly three minutes longer than normal to get home. The "storm" produced about three additional inches of snow on the ground at my house. But school was already cancelled for Friday.

So what do you do with three kids on a Friday in January? Go to the park. It has the best hill around for sledding. We loaded the kids up in my truck and headed over to the park.

The snow wasn't that great for sledding, but after a few trips down the hill it started to pack down and we were able to get some speed. That's when I decided to try my luck on a snowboard. We bought our second child a $40 snowboard at Target for Christmas and this was our first opportunity to use it.

What you are about to watch may be disturbing. Please, do not let any small children view the following video. It was recorded on my fifth or sixth time down the hill.

We live a couple hours away from the nearest ski area. I think we might be taking a little road trip on one of the upcoming weekends.

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