Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MTM software

Been spending every free moment preparing for the "Delivering Medication Therapy Management in the Community" session at APhA 2010 next week. As a result, I let a comment slip thru that is basically an advertisement for MTM software on my last post.

In an effort to be fair, I am posting a list of the commercially available electronic documentation systems that are listed in Module 2 of the study guide. Personally, I have worked with two of the systems for Medicare D MTMs.

Here's the list:

If anybody wants to float me a version of their software to test and review, contact me at ericrph@msn.com

Now it's time to get back to reading/studying.


Dr Don, Pharmacist said...

Thank you, Eric, for including PillHelp Works in your blog.
Just an FYI ...
Two thinks make PillHelp Works MTM Office Suite unique. One, it is designed for pharmacist who practice general independent MTM - you know those of us who respond directly to our patients and their physicians with any med related questions or problems. Although we can provide care for insurance provider driven programs, we also see patients who contact us themselves or who are referred directly by their physicians. Two, it's completeness - everything from clinical documentation to invoicing and payment processing.

Thanks again,

Don Thibodeau, PharmD
CEO PillHelp and PillHelp Works

Anonymous said...

Trying to contact with PillHelp, but no one has reply or pick up their telephone. Leaving messages and sending them email also nobody from PillHelp reply. Are they still in business?

Eric Durbin, RPh said...

PillHelp.com contacted me about the previous comment. They are still in business. If you are still having trouble, shoot me an email and I'll get your info to the right person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

I recently found your blog while doing some research about starting my own MTM business as a consultant pharmacist. I already got my NPI and set up my LLC. I was wondering if any of those software will be a great way to build up my clientele ? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Eric Durbin, RPh said...

I can't speak on the software that is available currently. I would contact the companies directly and see what they have available.