Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MTM... The future of pharmacy?

Keep your eyes open. If you've read this blog long, you know that I believe in the concept of MTM.

But is it the future of our profession?

I'm working on a post that examines where we are with regards to medication therapy management. With my new position as director of pharmacy, I have kept busy with the duties of my position so I haven't been able to keep up with the blog entries.

But I'm still working on posts, just not getting them typed up. Like I said, keep your eyes open for my future posts.


Anonymous said...

Pharmacists priced themselves out of MTM in the retail setting years ago.

MTM in its truest form will take place in clinics as part of the medical home model. I have seen this first hand and it works very well. Patients avoid poly-pharmacy and expensive drug regimens and it happens all at the clinic.

I like how Ole Apothecary put it: Retail pharmacy is on a collision course with reality and it will not be pretty...

Retail will not be saved, the ship will sink.

Findyourdrug said...

Independant pharmacies don’t have the backing of stockholders, corporate offices, nor do we enjoy harassing random people with a phone-number that no longer belongs to the patient ;)

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you went on to hospital pharmacy...and from retail to being a Director of pharmacy services at any hospital is quite a jump. How large is your staff? I currently manage 18 pharmacists, and 42 technicians and find it quite the challenge, although it is quite rewarding and
interesting on a day to day basis. Hospital pharmacy is defintely different, away from corporate bosses, but yet still responsible to your own CEO, multi-million dollar budgest, clinical programs, CPOE, ADM's, the list goes on and on and the budget is always a top priority. Good Luck!