Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fellow pharmacist's lament

I don't think I can do this anymore.

I'm tired of the customer's word weighing more heavily than mine. Then, after they take the trouble to call in a complement on my behalf...

It's more or less disregarded or soon forgotten.

I'm tired of being asked to do more and more and more, and given practically no incentives whatsoever.

I'm tired of being talked down to by grocery personnel. I'm tired of being resented. I'm tired of pharmacy being mis-understood/appreciated.

I'm tired of being surrounded by incompetents and maniacs, then getting hammered whenever I happen to screw up something.

I'm tired of having to be a customer service kiss-ass to some of the worst scum and biggest jerks. And if they complain, I get rear-ended.

I'm tired of corporate breathing down our back telling us to increase flavoring, give more flu shots, take this training on your off day, et

I'm tired of catering to everyone else and then being treated like a drone in return.

I'm tired of getting lectured and scolded for petty things that aren't even my fault or that big of a deal

Where's the respect? Where's the appreciation? Where's the benefit of the doubt? Why are we never cut any slack?

I'm almost 40 and I hate my job. What the hell am I gonna do now?

Those are a series of tweets from a fellow pharmacist on Twitter several days ago. Sadly I can relate, as can many of you. In fact, I imagine that just about every chain pharmacist feels the same as this pharmacist.

I'm waiting for a member of management, somebody at the district manager-level, to grow a pair and stand up for their pharmacists. If you have such a DM, praise them. They are your voice.

Don't wait for the national organizations to speak up for you, it's not going to happen anytime soon. You invested the time and money to earn your degree. Don't sit back and let some corporate officer ruin YOUR profession.

Speak up.


Anonymous said...

I just quit due to so many complaints just like these.

I have no idea what I'll do next, but it won't be working retail again.

They almost took my soul......

Anonymous said...

I happened by chance on your post. Sadly, I too am a pharmacist. Do I regret choosing pharmacy ? Sometimes, most times no. Now near my 17 th year of practice, I'm doing vaccinations, MTM's, bp, pt satisfaction calls, and work flow, cashier,fast pill drive thru clerk, pick up the nonstop phone, oh, yeah make sure everyone gets the right med at the right dose to the right patient. Sounds familiar doesn't ? Out of this, I make a point of having a conversation with 1 patient. Most times this just makes my day. After work I play the lotto. Gotta have hope. Or more alcohol.