Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the folks in Camp Hill


executives/board of directors,

When you decided to implement the

which of the following were you high on


And did you happen to consult with ANY pharmacist who currently works in pharmacy about this before rolling it out?

A pharmacist who does NOT work for you


Anonymous said...

They claim they piloted this program somewhere in the southern districts during 2010. It worked so well they made it chain wide. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

The president of the company sent out an internal email to all of us. I don't remember word for word but he basically stated that all of Rite Aids pharmacists were excited to implement the new nationwide rollout of the 15 minute guarantee because that's what the customers wanted. I laughed to myself when I read that. I would pay $1000 for every RPh he could find that truly believes that.

Rite Aid - We take other companies bad ideas and make them even worse.

Anonymous said...

"Rite Aid - We take other companies bad ideas and make them even worse"

Yea, I hear the latest piloted program that should roll out chain wide is $3.99 RXs. I wish they'd make up their minds. First they complain we're losing too much profit margin from matching $4 RXs, but now they want to go one cent better and make it $3.99, in 15 minutes or less, of course, and walk in flu shots and pneumonia shots and zostavax. Somehow we get all that done with 6 minutes of tech/cashier help for every script we fill.

That is after we sold customer's the line of how valuabe our service and Wellness Card is and how you get so much for for $8.99 vs $4.

They're a schizophrenic company, always changing their mind about what their mission and goals are going to be.