Saturday, April 9, 2011

APhA House of Delegates actions (YAWN)

"Of the six new business items proposed during the meeting, three were ultimately accepted. The final text will be forthcoming, but the approved statements support requiring influenza vaccination of pharmacy personnel, adding pharmacists as providers under the Social Security Act, and encouraging collaboration with the American Public Health Association. A statement addressing the legalization of medicinal marijuana in certain states was referred to the Board of Trustees for consideration in 2012." from the APhA Newsroom

Just some quick thoughts on the three new business items that were approved by the house of delegates at APhA 2011. Here's a link to who comprises the house of delegates.

#1- Influenza vaccinations for pharmacy personnel

I opposed this and still do. A comment following my post said it well... "No reason for this in a community pharmacy. Are they going to force all the cashiers, managers, etc.. too? How bout the cashier at the bank or the grocery store? STUPID!"

#2- Adding pharmacists as providers under the Social Security Act

This is the one item that I can get on board with. The APhA has been advocating for expanded roles for pharmacists in direct patient care. But we need a revenue source to cover the expenses associated with the expanded roles. Medicare is the starting point. Private insurers will follow once Medicare recognizes us. Medicare was created 46 years ago. It's time we get recognized as providers. This should be the sole focus of the APhA until we receive the recognition.

#3- Encouraging collaboration with the American Public Health Association

OK. Whatever. I'm sure somebody is patting themselves on the back for getting this one through.

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