Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I need some duct tape (a small rant)

I just read the APhA statement to the FDA about REMS in reference to extended-release opioids.

In a statement to the narcotics advisory board at the FDA, the APhA continues "to advocate for a standardized system-based approach that is feasible and scalable to accommodate the growing number of REMS programs".

I'm underwhelmed. Way to step out there and lead pharmacy by advocating. And for a standardized approach.


Then the APhA statement has to mention that pharmacists give flu shots.


My head is going to explode.

I'm sorry, but WTH?

I'm beyond words. I'm speechless. All I can think is "?????????"

Let's follow this statement with the APhA recommendations to the FDA:
  1. Outreach and educational materials for pharmacists about REMS. The only outreach I need is my hand reaching out to attempt to slap some sense into the APhA headquarters. You send a letter to the FDA that basically says "more MedGuides, please".
  2. Recognize the role that pharmacists play as the medication experts.... The same crap that goes on every APhA statement.


Apparently the APhA isn't doing a very good job in getting pharmacists the recognition for the role that we play as medication experts.

I will give the APhA a little credit. They do challenge FDA and sponsors to continue to evaluate the potential impact, need for, and ability to compensate for patient care services at the point of dispensing as part of a REMS program.

Did you see the key word in there?

Compensate. Well evaluate the ability to compensate for patient care services.

I can see the results of the evaluation. Nope. Can't compensate pharmacists. Why don't you go run off now and give a flu shot or two.

I may need two rolls. Better make it Gorilla tape.

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