Friday, July 9, 2010

Bored at work

So what does your pharmacy staff do when it gets a little slow?

One afternoon at Happy Drug World we were a little slow. It think we were getting hit with a major thunderstorm so people weren't out and about.

I had hooked my mp3 player up to the computer and was listening to some top-40 music thru the Media Player. Anything beats the crap that is broadcast on the store muzak.

Anyhow, the tech who was working with me couldn't stand the music, so she retreated to the other end of the pharmacy. (She's into the heavier, darker metal) So she grabs one of our staplers,

sticks her index finger in it, and squeezes.

Of course it hurt and she tried to pull her finger out, but it was stuck.

There wasn't enough room for her finger to be withdrawn since the staple was stuck halfway into her finger.

I was laughing, she was both laughing and crying.

So I took a look at her finger and sized up the situation. I grabbed on of the counting do-hickeys and jimmied the stapler open far enough for her to get her finger out. Then all we had to do was grab some tweezers to get the staple out of the finger.

Total time of the incident....about 90 seconds.

Laughter about the incident....tons.

and we didn't even send her to the ER (I'm sure all my nurse readers will be proud of me for that).

So what do you do when you're bored?

This is a repeat post from my old blog. I love telling the story and just thought that I would share it again.


Anonymous said...

We would play Hang-Man, with the subject as "Places we would rather be, other than HERE."

Draw funny pictures/write funny poems, and fax them to other Pharmacies within our chain.

Go online, and read aloud product reviews... like KY Lube, AS-SEEN-ON-TV Shit, other random/odd products that people tend to review.

Anonymous said...

This tech sounds pretty amazing... I'd like to meet her..or him.

I knew if I'd search for stapler on this website I'd find a fun story