Monday, January 10, 2011

I don't (heart) the Weather Channel

Tomorrow's forecast is for snow, snow, and more snow. Lots of it. All day long. Yep, that's what the Weather Channel says.

Of course the last four times that the Weather Channel has predicted this, all we have received is 40 degree temperatures and a light mist, if any precipitation.

But that doesn't stop the onslaught at the pharmacy. Everybody needs to have everything refilled now because, as we all know, a little ice and snow on the road means the end of the freakin' world.

So today, in anticipation of the storm to end all storms, we'll get hammered. Then tomorrow it will barely do anything and I can resume my hatred for all the folks at the Weather Channel for scaring my patients and causing me to work way too hard for a storm that only exists to get you ratings.


pharmacy chick said...

BINGO! same here..only the mere threat of snow causes apocalyptic migrations to the pharmacy...people wanna load up like they are going to be encased in ice for months. they buy water and batteries like they are gold bullion. This always amazes me because it snows here every single year....does it come as any surprise that January=cold weather...whatever.

lovinmyjob said...

I hear ya. I live in the south where the mere mention of snow makes people crazy. I actually had some one say to me once, "It's going to snow, we are going to get stranded and die. So I need my hydrocodone filled 2 weeks early." Uhhh....I pulled out my birth certificate...yep, not born yesterday.

Pharmacy Student said...

You never know with the weather, I am always surprised when the weather channel is completely off!