Wednesday, June 30, 2010 stink

Let's say that you are a 19 year old male who works in a grocery store.

Let's say that this past summer you had several incidents over a two week period where you had difficulty breathing and required transport to the local ER, as you were not well enough to drive there yourself.

Let's say that the company footed the bill for your little trips to the ER and even gave you paid time off as it could not be determined if your breathing incidents were related to your job.

When you come to the pharmacy to get your anti-depressant refilled, don't smell of cigarettes so strongly that it burns my nose when I am six feet away from you.

Your odor totally interfered with the scent of garlic bread that was wafting in from our restaurant.

I had to blow my nose twice and wait 15 minutes before I could get your smell out of my sinuses.

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