Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfect ending to my day

It had been a longer day than it should have been. Non-issues were becoming issues. The little problems that happen at the absolute worst moment were happening. All in all, a typical day in the pharmacy.

I looked up to see a woman marching back to the pharmacy with a receipt in on hand and a bag in the other. There was a box of some sort in the bag.

I thought great, somebody wanting to return a blood glucose monitor. We have three signs posted that state that all glucose monitor sales are final, that all returns must be addressed with the manufacturer. Somehow people always seem to miss those signs.

Perfect ending to my day.

The woman approaches the counseling window and pulls a blood pressure monitor out of the bag. I thought OK, this won't be as big of a hassle.

The woman states that she believes the machine is defective. Of course I want to know why. She states that she bought the device earlier in the day for her mother. They tried the machine on mom and the readings were BP 118/74 HR 72. Then the daughter tried the monitor. BP 118/74. HR 72.

They joked about how they were exactly the same. The woman's husband gave it a try.

BP 118/74. HR 72.

Then her sister.

BP 118/74. HR 72.


BP 118/74. HR 72.

You can see why they were wondering about the functioning of the monitor.

So I had her get the unit out to show me how they were using the machine. She placed it on her upper arm correctly. The cuff appeared to be the right size. When she pressed the start button, everything worked fine.

After inflating and deflating she points out the results. BP 118/74. HR 72.

I grabbed the monitor to take a look. Yep............ BP 118/74. HR 72.

Then I pealed the sticker off of the monitor that goes over the display screen. Beneath it was her actual readings. Everybody at her mother's house that day had failed to read the very first line of the directions that read Remove display sticker from display screen.

She looked at me.


Well, I've been having a blonde day. Thank you. Then she left.

Perfect ending to my day.


Frantic Pharmacist said...

That's a CLASSIC!!

Pharmacy Schools said...

That's hilarious. Pharmacists need to start getting paid extra for idiocy!

The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

Will that be considered a billable pharmacist intervention under the new Obama healthcare reform? Just wondering. LOL.

John Woolman said...

AS the IT guys say: RTFM.

Texas Pharmacy Chica said...


I could live for weeks on that kind of stuff.....

Bonus points: She actually thanked you instead of just cussing at herself or suddenly developing an interest in some random display and scurry off.

Johnny said...

I'm sure she walked in there ready to cuss somebody out. She was ready to point fingers and raise hell. lol That is classic undeniability.

zeego said...

Haha! Hilarious! She'd feel so much shame but atleast she stand corrected.