Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nutitional supplement for phamacists

Think about it.

Especially if you are a chain pharmacist whose management is passing down yet another set of tasks for you to do on Saturdays that have nothing to do with patient care. Or maybe your tech hours have been cut and the upper management wants to add a drive-thru to your pharmacy.

Whatever the case may be, if you don't grow a set and speak up for yourself and your profession, the non-pharmacists who make the decisions will continue to pass down asinine programs that don't promote the profession and continue to push the retail aspect.

We are medical professionals.

Remember that.


JenRPh said...

Amen. I always wonder why my fellow pharmacists never stick up for themselves. It's like they want to hate their job!!

The Redheaded Pharmacist said...

I'm waiting for someone to chime in and ask if they can order that from Cardinal or their own supplier, lol. I would think that the APhA could use a case of that stuff myself.

"Side effects may include having self respect and standing up for your own rights. Increased work satisfaction was also notes in clinical trials. Results may vary."

PharmD Schools said...

So true. Pharmacists get trampled on and are pretty much un-involved on the national legislative level. This profession does definitely need to grow a set.

pharmacychick said...

Im the wrong gender, but I must have grown several sets because I speak up, time and time again. And each time I get shot down, labeled as a trouble maker, and made to conform as "expected performance". Right now they are shoving MTM down my already full throat and I am pushing back with a hearty NO. My plate is full. Unless they add a full time pharmacist to my store, NO MTM here! i am not working for free, and I am no longer working on my days off.