Tuesday, January 5, 2010

APhA claims MTMs as a win for pharmacy

The APhA is basically claiming a victory for having MTMs included in both the House and Senate versions of the health care bill. They claim a new mission for the profession grounded in MTM (this from their Top 10 News Stories of 2009 segment of the January 4 pharmacist.com FocusXtra email).

Well I've been making a few calls and sending out some emails to see how easy it is to get signed up as a medication therapy management provider with the Medicare D plans that operate in my state (Ohio). I'm doing this because my current employer is not really interested in the whole MTM-thing, which I can understand because at my previous position we had two or three MTM cases over a three year period. Not exactly a money-maker for the drugstore.

I'll let you know the results of my inquiries.

As it is now, the APhA seems as connected to the the real practice of pharmacy as my yellow lab who is sleeping on the floor right now. I've got an email in to them as well. Since my previous communications with them have been met with a lack of response, I'm expecting the same level of concern from them about real pharmacists as I have seen in the past.

In the meantime, if you work in a pharmacy that has actually been able to make MTMs a viable business venture let me know (government clinics and academia are not viable businesses). I would love to know how you are doing it. Shoot an email off to ericrph@msn.com .

If you are from the APhA, email me as well. We're all trying to advance the profession.

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